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Jul 18

How to Remove Warts with Garlic

We’ve talked repeatedly about how warts should be removed, however, questions keep coming to us which are the best remedies to do so.

A few days ago some one of my good friend suggest that I blog about the technique to remove warts with garlic.Well today we will discuss this issue and see how the garlic, and some other foods help us to remove warts.

Garlic is a food that contains many properties for good health. It is a powerful antiviral and antibacterial, and also good if we take it, is very good for other things such as some skin conditions. In this case, we will help remove warts.

Why does garlic remove warts?

Let’s say that certain foods contain acids that dry the warts. When we keep this food stuck to the wart, the movement within the wart is becoming smaller, until finally receiving no blood in the small capillaries of the wart, it dries and eventually falls.
Acids containing garlic you to do this, are acids that contain many other foods such as:





With these foods you could perform the same function as with the garlic, though easily the most widely used undoubtedly is garlic.

How do I apply garlic to the wart?

We have to cut the garlic thin and apply each sheet of the garlic on the wart, which we will then hold it with a piece of tape.

We will apply this technique for 7 days and we will change the garlic each day. As we see how it evolves, we will keep more or less time.It is important to know which warts can be removed and which can’t.

If the wart does not disappear, you can apply tea tree oil, a natural product that removes warts drying them and making them fall on their own.